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8 Free website mockup tools to use in 2018

Do you wish to build an awesome website for your startup? Do you have great ideas hovering in your head 24×7, but limited means to execute them to all and see what fits best? Despite having a truckload of great ideas, startups often struggle with the task of website creation, primarily due to time and money crunch. Designing an attractive, functional, and optimized website often requires a substantial amount of time and money investment, especially if you hire a …

Getting started with bootstrap 4 - ContentNinja

Migrating To Bootstrap 4: 7 Reasons Why!

The wait is finally over! Mark Otto, and Jacob Thornton, the creators of the much-beloved Bootstrap, released a stable Bootstrap 4 beta earlier this year (Woohoo!). Bootstrap is already synonymous with responsive web design, a feature that you simply cannot do without in this day and age. Mobile traffic makes up over half the traffic for most sites! With this new update, Bootstrap’s gone truly mobile-first as a web framework. We’ve tried summarizing the 7 major feature changes in this …