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Tips for YouTube Marketing

10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on YouTube.

Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you want to follow some of the most creative beings on this planet? If so, you must head straight to YouTube. After all, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms that support creativity. Today, this nifty tool has grown to become a crucial promotional tool for Digital Marketing. Every month YouTube gets more than one billion views, which means that if you are still not leveraging it for your brand promotion, you are …


Video marketing in 2020 – what do the stars say?

There is no turning away from the fact that video has seen a phenomenal rise in recent years when it comes to marketing strategies. Users respond well to videos. And videos that resonate with people take no time to do a gazillion rounds around the internet in the matter of a few hours. The implications of the same are huge. In an attention economy, where all businesses have equal opportunities and platforms for connecting with people, you need to ensure …