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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: 4 ways to hack Facebook algorithms in 2020

No matter how popular a social media platform might be, Facebook will always trump them all. It was the first social network that swept the world off of its feet. The popularity of Facebook lies in the fact that young people, parents, grandparents, and even cute labrador Coco can create their profiles and gain traction. Other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat appeal to a younger audience. Not everyone is opinionated enough to have a Twitter account. And not everyone needs …

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Basic Primer on Psychology for Social Media Marketers (And a Bonus on Online Sharing)

‘All marketing is essentially psychology.’ A marketer at ContentNinja poetically and succinctly put it one day. And it is true. All marketing- whether it is carried on the web or in-person- rests on the cues that people respond to and make them want to buy/ sign up/enrol. If you know what these cues are and how to use them, you can market to just about anyone and everyone- successfully. So, today, we dive deep into a crash course on psychology …