psychology for marketers

Basic Primer on Psychology for Social Media Marketers (And a Bonus on Online Sharing)

‘All marketing is essentially psychology.’ A marketer at ContentNinja poetically and succinctly put it one day. And it is true. All marketing- whether it is carried on the web or in-person- rests on the cues that people respond to and make them want to buy/ sign up/enrol. If you know what these cues are and how to use them, you can market to just about anyone and everyone- successfully. So, today, we dive deep into a crash course on psychology …


Is Social Media Marketing an effective marketing strategy in 2018?

2018 is here, and there seems to be no stopping the social media frenzy. The President of United States seems to prefer the convenience of Twitter over the formality of press releases. Instagram has continued seducing more 18-34 year olds than other social platforms (especially now that Stories are a thing). Fitbits have integrated our health and fitness activities with our social media feeds quite seamlessly. We have to face it- there is no avoiding social media in personal life, …