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How to Easily Install Tracking Pixels on Your Website With Google Tag Manager

Have you noticed a banner ad “following” you as you browse through the internet? A pint-sized banner, keeping an eye on you? If you have, you’re already aware of the power (or poor execution, depending on the quality and frequency of the advertisement). These powerhouses are frequently misunderstood. Using them in the right way can have a tremendous impact on your business. From transforming your next campaign, optimizing your website, to even boosting your conversions – all of it …


A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting

Retargeting is a useful part of every marketer’s life: and even if you haven’t used it yet, you have definitely experienced it. Ever browsed for something on an online store, only to see ads for it on your Facebook later? No, it’s not the same phenomenon where you learn a new word and start seeing it everywhere. You have just been a subject of a retargeting strategy! If you’re running a business, we’re sure you’re already seeing the benefits of …


Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Grow Your Business

16 years since its launch, LinkedIn still remains a popular personal networking platform, but it is still highly underestimated as a professional tool for growing your business. LinkedIn has over 500 million users registered, with 40% of the users using the site on a daily basis. Social media networking has become an incredibly useful way of attracting new clients- 80% financial advisors have claimed to use social media for this purpose. The key factor is also that LinkedIn, as …