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The Best of the Best: 10 year challenges, and how brands played the meme game

The Internet it seems has become the new “mother of all inventions” or better yet, mother of all things hashtag! The plethora of viral trends and memes that flood our news feed on a daily basis is proof enough of social media’s deep-rooted influence on everyone — right from the nerdy girl sitting in the cubicle next to yours to the celebrity crush whose posters still adore your closet walls. It’s strange to think that the word meme originates from …


The 650% ROI: Effective influencer marketing and how to execute it

Influencer marketing is a fairly new concept but it has definitely revolutionized the world of marketing- So, clearly people are sold on the idea of influencer marketing, but before you jump on board, there are a few pesky strategic questions you might have. For one- what the hell is influencer marketing?  Secondly, how on earth do you adapt it to your business? What is influencer marketing? What is influencer marketing? Simply put, is using a person who already has access …