Improve email delivery rates


Escaping the spam filter – 11 tips to improve email delivery rates!

As a successful email marketer, one of your biggest challenges is making sure the great content you’ve written reaches the inbox of your subscriber, and your email delivery rates are perfect. Even the most legitimate and conscientious marketers are able to achieve only a 79% email delivery rate because of the overtime being put in by spam filters and ISPs to reduce unnecessary inbox traffic and improving the user experience. We know how much effort you put into your campaigns, …


Email Marketing How-To: Building a Database of Contacts for cold mailing

A very crucial step towards marketing your product or service successfully on the internet is directly contacting a group of potential customers over email, and sorting out said group of potential customers, or a database of contacts, is a very daunting and often laborious task. This article is intended to serve as a review of the ways (both good and bad) in which such online databases are commonly built. Buying Databases That seems to be the simplest solution, doesn’t it? …