Benefits of Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to measure growth and ROI

Did you know that nearly 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing, and yet 66% of them have no idea how to measure their ROI and marketing metrics? Why do you think that is?  Partly because while many marketers don’t know where to start, and the rest find it too challenging, to begin with. This is because content marketing’s reach is mostly vague. While some people may read your content and hit the purchase …

content promotion

Maximizing the ROI of your content strategy with promotions

Do you know the importance of content promotion? Are you a rare content marketer?  You know- the one who can create killer content, track how many people it killed with its awesomeness, while also preparing to carry out (many) more deaths through content promotion strategies? If not, there is no shame. You are among the 42% of marketers for whom proving the ROI of their marketing strategy is the biggest challenge. However, the challenge is worth taking up. Why? You …