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content strategy for generation z consumers

How to Shape Your Content Strategy for Gen-Z Consumers

Move over millennials, for Gen-Z has arrived! Marketers and prudent decision-makers in every industry are reshaping their goals of Crafting a content strategy for gen-z consumers is important.  This is particularly for you to hear, all you Marketers out there. While millennials still continue to be a large part of the equation, the focus has already shifted to the new paradigm – that of Gen Z consumers. By now, you must be wondering, what in the world is Gen Z…

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Maximizing the ROI of your content strategy with promotions

Do you know the importance of content promotion? Are you a rare content marketer?  You know- the one who can create killer content, track how many people it killed with its awesomeness, while also preparing to carry out (many) more deaths through content promotion strategies? If not, there is no shame. You are among the 42% of marketers for whom proving the ROI of their marketing strategy is the biggest challenge. However, the challenge is worth taking up. Why? You …