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content promotion

Advanced Content Promotion Strategies.

What is the internet? It is a ridiculously vast pool of content— the content of the people, for the people and by the people. Yes, the definition of democracy does justice to what content on the internet is like. But if there is so much content available already, who will care about the newest fashion trends or the latest viral video? But people do, which means that content is continually evolving and being consumed. Marketers today need to leverage advanced …

content curation

Content curation tactics for SEO

To make your SEO strategy work, relevant and incredibly useful content is a must. One cannot expect on-page and off-page SEO to work without well-crafted content that provides value to the readers. However, creating content that drives engagement and eventually leads is not easy as one would assume. In this post, we are going to discuss the best content curation tactics for SEO. Content Curation is the process of compiling existing articles, videos, photos that are already available on the …

content promotion

Maximizing the ROI of your content strategy with promotions

Do you know the importance of content promotion? Are you a rare content marketer?  You know- the one who can create killer content, track how many people it killed with its awesomeness, while also preparing to carry out (many) more deaths through content promotion strategies? If not, there is no shame. You are among the 42% of marketers for whom proving the ROI of their marketing strategy is the biggest challenge. However, the challenge is worth taking up. Why? You …