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The Gutenberg Update: What’s hot? What’s not?

The TinyMCE WordPress editor hasn’t had many updates, and for the most part, remained pretty much the same through the years. Which wasn’t really a bad thing, but *apparently* some people thought it’s time for a change. Inspired by other blogging platforms like Medium or Ghost, WordPress, too, decided to jump on the bandwagon of <s> “providing a unique and refreshing experience to writers”. </s> Jokes apart, WordPress, in an attempt to evolve into a platform that makes adding rich …


The Best of the Best: 10 year challenges, and how brands played the meme game

The Internet it seems has become the new “mother of all inventions” or better yet, mother of all things hashtag! The plethora of viral trends and memes that flood our news feed on a daily basis is proof enough of social media’s deep-rooted influence on everyone — right from the nerdy girl sitting in the cubicle next to yours to the celebrity crush whose posters still adore your closet walls. It’s strange to think that the word meme originates from …


Build a content marketing strategy that gets traffic in 3 simple steps

Ever since the digital boom, it’s been clear that content is king- and this adage has not changed over the years. 2017 saw a huge upwards trend in content strategy among marketers, with 70% polling in to say they were going to create more content. More is good, right? Of course- but you have to remember that quality and quantity will have to go hand in hand for your content marketing to succeed. In practice, this means that you’ll have …