15 Game Changing Rules for SEO [Infographic]

For those who are not in the industry, the term ‘SEO’ might sound a little like a boogeyman: a mystical being who has unimaginable control over people’s lives. In a way, that’s not far from the truth. Search engine optimization continues to dominate the field as a marketing tool: an average firm in 2019  is expected to reserve 41% of the marketing budget for online optimization, and this number is expected to grow to 45% by 2020. How does …


Optimizing your checkout process to boost sales

It’s no secret that online shopping is one of the biggest fads of the 21st century: after all, who doesn’t want to purchase things from the comfort of their home, come rain or shine? Maybe that was the appeal for the estimated 1.66 billion people who purchased online products in 2017. You might have seen this impact on your website traffic rate as well: and if you manage to convert most of your traffic into engagement or purchase, …