Shriya Garg
Shriya Garg

A book-lover with dual degrees in finance, Shriya has created (and abandoned) eight blogs, started her first company at 12, published two books (first one at 16), edited dozens for others, and worked with five interesting startups in her career so far. Prior to joining ContentNinja, she worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and has a deferred admit from ISB, Hyderabad. She is an SLP Fellow and a Quora Top Writer. When she’s not fielding client calls, she can be found cleaning cat hair from her clothes.


Email Marketing How-To: Building a Database of Contacts for cold mailing

A very crucial step towards marketing your product or service successfully on the internet is directly contacting a group of potential customers over email, and sorting out said group of potential customers, or a database of contacts, is a very daunting and often laborious task. This article is intended to serve as a review of the ways (both good and bad) in which such online databases are commonly built. Buying Databases That seems to be the simplest solution, doesn’t it? …

How to write excellent content that is optimized for SEO

The art of writing, when we talk about the digital world, goes a little beyond just finding and typing words like a writer’s bible from Hemingway would suggest. A better definition could be: ‘The science behind writing good digital content, more than anything else, is about finding not just words, but the right words.’ If nobody ever finds your page listed in their search, even the best of your articles are worthless. To simplify this further, let’s start with deciphering …


Eight marketing optimisation tool to look for in 2018

  Marketing is an essential aspect of a company’s success, and it’s a marketer’s never-ending task to drive revenue. But amidst all the chaos, we cannot thank these marketing tools enough for helping out on this treacherous journey of getting warm leads, managing marketing teams, or sending out emails to users. And it’s that time of the year again where we look back and bring out few hand-picked tools to look for in 2018. Buffer to schedule social media posting…


Which is better – Email or RSS?

I am inclined to think that most of you reading this article have only ever employed email subscriptions to reach out to the readers of your blog. In fact, a few of you might raise an eyebrow and think “RS – what?” Yes, email seems to be the platform of choice for bloggers all around the world. There’s a reason for it, and this article is about inquiring into what they are. ‘RSS’ or ‘Real Simple Syndicate’ is a way …


Sales and Marketing for Lean Startups

Million dollar marketing budgets are not something most startups have. As a startup today, you have to be lean to survive. In an arena where your burn rate needs to be closely monitored until you raise a round, spending big bucks on promotions doesn’t make sense at all. Where traditional marketing tactics don’t work well, the way forward is ‘Growth Hacking‘. While a lot of entrepreneurs wrote it off as another Silicon Valley buzzword (“disrupt”, we’re …


Writing The Right Content, and Getting People To Read it

With the advent of digital marketing, organizations today are investing more and more of their time and money in creating and disseminating content. However, like most things that become popular so quickly, not many understand why content, and what kind. For most of them, investing in content means hiring a freelancer off Upwork and giving them a few articles to write in a week.  Which doesn’t work. Why? “Because good content is not written for mysterious Google bots to increase …