Mayank Gulati
Mayank Gulati

Unhappy with the concept of 5 working days a week, Mayank Gulati started his own Marketing Communications firm. He now works 7 days a week, where he wears many, many hats (and a neck brace). An unfortunate engineer, he founded a med-tech startup that was inducted into Nasscom 10k. He’s now decided to stop asking people to invest in his company, and get them to invest in their own.


Google Analytics: 21 Actionable Tips to Improve your Website Rank

If you’re granted three wishes by a magical genie, we’re sure you’d use all three on ensuring that your website gets a higher ranking. After all, in a world where close to 95% of web traffic goes only to the first page of Google, you can’t afford to slip back. Enter Google Analytics- your saviour. Google Analytics generates an enormous amount of data- a veritable treasure trove if you’re willing to spend the time to mine insights from the same. …


Building an E-Commerce website: Magento vs Shopify

It’s a pretty specific question to ask – “Should my business choose Shopify or Magento?” And if it’s something you’ve thought about before, here’s all you need to to know. As two competing e-commerce platforms, both Shopify and Magento have their own set of advantages and flip-sides. Because of this, one needs to make a roadmap and fully understand the business needs and plan. Before taking a final call, it’s important to have a crystal clear understanding of the resources …