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We are looking for people who're driven, know how to hustle, and believe in finding solutions rather than whining about problems. We're a lean team with a culture we prize - people with a deep abiding love for words and everything quirky will fit in well. Bonus if you are a natural storyteller who knows how to use an Oxford comma.

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The Team
ContentNinja Team mayank
Mayank Gulati
Creative Word Person
ContentNinja Team shriya
Shriya Garg
Salary Payer / Favourite Person
ContentNinja Team kaushik
Kaushik Lakshman
Quiz Book
ContentNinja Team pratyush
Pratyush Arya
Green Thumb
ContentNinja Team ruchi
Ruchi Roy
ContentNinja Team abhishek
Abhishek Yadav
No relation to politicians
ContentNinja Team vikash
Vikash Yadav
Digital painter
ContentNinja Team parul
Parul Gupta
ContentNinja Team srimanta
Srimanta Mitra
As(s)trologist and Psycho(logist)
Esha Rana
Cheshire Cat
ContentNinja Team tanisha
Tanisha Mittal
Exhaustive Vocabulary
ContentNinja Team indrani
Indrani Gope
Loves dogs (platonically)

People with a deep abiding love for words, visuals, or strategy will fit in well. Bonus points if you understand why our blog is called a 'dojo'.

What to expect:

  • Learning, growth, and mentorship.
  • A reasonable amount of time with faTT (pronounced 'Fa-Tee-Tee') for all your TT needs
  • Flexible working schedule (the good kind, not the stay-in-office-till-eleven kind)
  • Frequent social and self-growth events (non-mandatory)
  • Pet-friendly office: feel free to bring your potty trained pets!
I wanna work here!
We run a communications firm. We'd obviously love to talk to you.

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