There are 26 letters
1.025 million words
An infinite number of sentences
For your business, let's pick the right ones.
They say content is king
Let's build your kingdom

There are 26 letters, 1.025 million words, and countless sentences.

For your business, let's pick the right ones.

At ContentNinja, we're masters of branding. Your online presence can make or break your brand; Our web services will make sure that it's the former.

Our Work

Annoyingly good.

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Surprisingly quick.

Our Services

We are a one-stop shop for all your design, development, and marketing needs - this means everything from designing your website and logo, writing the content and blogs for it, publishing it on your platform, and sharing it on your social media.
If you find something we don't do - we'll find you someone who does it well.

Web Design & Development

Mobile-friendly, performance optimized websites that make your audience's heads turn. We're great with the frequently used web languages, CMS, and technologies - so make your web presence work as your first and best pitch, and increase your inbound traffic exponentially.

Digital Marketing

Get a comprehensive suite of platform-specific social media campaigns that are designed to make your product go viral, complemented with content and design that makes your organic growth explosive.


70% of your potential buyers find you through search engines - make sure your competitor isn't beating you to it. We'll give you a detailed analysis of your existing website, along with measures to drastically improve it. The first consultation is on the house!

Copywriting & Blogs

We’re ninjas that wield words as a weapon – we write beautiful content that both your human and bot audiences will adore (Both Google's and Bing's). We specialize in web copywriting, blog content, business decks, brochures, corporate presentations, and lead-converting emails.


Good design might not save the world, but it sure makes it look good! Let's overhaul your user-interface and user-experience - so that it’s highly intuitive to use and a piece of art to behold. We also help our clients with designing logos, email campaigns, infographics, and brochures.
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Stuff we've Worked on

We, the People

The nerds behind the words. The tweens behind the scenes. Here's us, the ones who understand best that 'Content is King', and are here to help you crown the next one.

Shriya Garg

Shriya Garg


CA trainee with a deferred admit from ISB, and a startup that gets free books from all big publishers for reviewing. Has published one book with another on the way, and edits manuscripts in her free time. That's why she gets to be the boss. Stalk her here.

Mayank Gulati

Mayank Gulati

Non-management stuff?

Engineer due to an unfortunate series of events, making the most of that situation. Published an international aerospace magazine, got Boeing senior engineers to write for it. Manages the (entire) technical end, has worked with really cool and futuristic startups, IoTeractions. In the extremely rare case of delay, it's probably his fault.

Socially Responsible Ninjas

This is how we do pro bono for the pro bonos!
There are beautiful people running beautiful non-profit NGOs, gathering every means at their disposal to work towards the cause they believe in.

These people deserve a thunderous applause and all the help they can get. At ContentNinja, we develop website, content, and design solutions for two NGOs a month. We do this at steep discounts, or depending on the NGO's financial situation, sometimes even at zero cost!

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